Welcome to Gramin Mahila Janagaran Samuha (GMJS-Nepal), Okhaldhunga

Grameen Mahila Jagaran Samuha (GMJS) was established in Magh 8, 2050 () with the objective of uniting women’s groups scattered around the remote villages of Nepal and bringing them in the mainstream of development by creating awareness about their rights and responsibilities. Mobilization of local resources is one of the core strategies of the organisations to meet the objective. As of now, 66 women’s groups are affiliated with the organization.

GMJS is primarily a women’s organisation with 1080 women members from 66 groups across the district. In these 66 groups, there are 500 members from ethnic communities, 203 from Dalits and 377 from others. Major thematic areas of work for GMJS are women rights, women empowerment, women health and sanitation and livelihood.


To establish an equitable society by making women independent and capable through awareness program for ensuring women rights and duties.


Equitable society with women’s self-identity.


To unite the backward and marginalized women who are scattered in rural areas of Okhaldhunga district for quality livelihood in order to make them self-dependent and empowered.


  • To protect and promote rights of women
  • To create an environment for women where they are aware about their rights and can live a life with dignity
  • To mobilize local as well as external resources and skills in order to make women, ethnic groups, Dalits and other marginalized communities economically capable and self-dependent


Organization Structure